• How Quickly will my Pyroad ship?

    We keep an inventory of the Pyroad Portable Fire Pits in stock so we can usually ship your Pyroad the same day that your order is received, or the next business day if ordered on the weekend or holidays.

  • What’s special about this thing?

    Pyroad is compact, easy to assemble and break down for space efficient storage in your rig. It’s unique design results in just the right amount of airflow to quickly create a roaring fire while maximizing fuel efficiency. Unlike double-wall, wood gasifier style fire pits, the single wall design radiates heat in all directions. Your legs and feet will feel just as warm as your body! After cooking a delicious dinner on it, stoke it up for a night of relaxation around a roaring fire.

  • How do I put the Pyroad together?

    It is very simple to assemble the Pyroad. No tools are required. There are 4 flat pieces, and each of the pieces are numbered. To assemble, you simply take pieces 1 & 2, and slide them together by inserting the tabs on Piece 1 into the slots on Piece 2. This will secure pieces 1 & 2 together. Then you insert the tabs on Piece 3 into the slots on Pieces 1 & 2. Then slip Piece 4 over the tabs on Pieces 1 & 2 and you are done assembling your Pyroad. It should take less than 1 minute to assemble your Pyroad! Now to pick up your Pyroad and move it to where you want to light your fire, simlpy pick up your Pyroad by the hole in the top of Piece number 2 and gravity will hold the entire unit together. When you are finished, you can disassemble the Pyroad in a few seconds by lifting Piece 4 off of the unit and separating the remaining 3 pieces. This can be done in less than 10 seconds. We hope you enjoy many nights around your warm, clean burning Pyroad Portable Fire.

  • How big is the Pyroad?

    The Pyroad is 14.5" wide at the bottom and 16" tall. It is made of 4 pieces of 16 gauge black iron steel and weighs 9 pounds. The box we ship your Pyroad in is 17" wide x 15" tall x 1.5" deep.

  • How is my Pyroad shipped to me?

    Your Pyroad will be shipped to you via calculated shipping at checkout. Your Pyroad will be inside a reusable canvas bag and will include a user instructions sheet and a Pyroad vinyl sticker that you can proundly display on your rig. All of this will be securely packaged inside of a disposable cardboard box with shipping label for fast and reliable shipping.

  • Why are those steps on the top of the Pyroad?

    This innovative feature built into the Pyroad makes cooking a snap. The scallops are designed to securely hold pots and pans 6" diameter and larger. The unique triangular design helps center the pan on the Pyroad for increased stability, giving you confidence that your fresh trout doesn't end up in the dirt.

  • How do I store the Pyroad after use?

    We include a canvas draw string bag / back pack with your Pyroad Portable Fire. After your fire is out and the Pyroad has cooled, simple disassemble the Pyroad, and lay the 4 flat pieces together back in the canvas storage bag. This will contain any dirt or soot within the bag and keep your car / camper, or wherever you are storing your Pyroad clean.

  • What material is the Pyroad made out of?

    The Pyroad Portable Fire is made in the USA from 16 Gauge Mild Steel. It is also available in 304 Stainless Steel.

  • Where can I use my Pyroad?

    Enjoy your Pyroad anywhere you would make a campfire, well away from all combustibles.

  • Will the Pyroad rust?

    Depends… We offer the Pyroad in two types of materials, Mild Steel or 304 Stainless Steel. The Mild Steel Pyroad will rust almost immediately when exposed to moisture. This won’t affect the performance of the product. However, if you don’t care for the rusty patina, you can spray the Pyroad with a light coat of WD-40 after use or paint the outside with high temperature BBQ paint. The stainless steel Pyroad won’t rust but it will discolor when heated. If you’re not a fan of the discoloration, it can also be painted with high temperature BBQ paint.

  • Are there other materials that the Pyroad can be made out of?

    Yes! - We can make them out of heavier gauge black iron steel, or if you would like something special, we can cut the out of stainless steel or CorTen steel. Just submit a request in the contact form and we will respond with availability and pricing.

  • Fire’s out. Now what?

    Wait until the Pyroad has completely cooled. Pick your Pyroad up by the hole in the top of Piece number 2 and move it to the area that you want to dispose of the remaining ashes. If you’re practicing “Leave no Trace” camping, a coffee can works great to hold the ashes until you get home. Once the Pyroad has been emptied, disassemble it and pack it away for next time in the reuseable canvas storage bag.

  • Can I cook on it?

    See those little steps on the top? Pyroad will securely hold a variety of pot and pan sizes so create your culinary masterpiece!

  • Why is there a hole in the top of one of the 3 sides, but not in the other 2 sides?

    This hole is where you should pick up the Pyroad from if you need to move it. By picking it up with this hole, the unit will stay together by gravity. The innovative design was engineered this way so that the Pyroad would easily be assembled and dis-assembled, but could also be moved without taking it apart.

  • Where is the Pyroad Made?

    Proudly Made in the USA!